Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guru Nanak At Kartarpur Sahib

For twenty-six years Guru Nanak travelled, spreading his message. He went as far as Baghdad, Tibet and Lanka. He finally settled at Kartarpur, where the community of devotees formed a new society devoted to the dignity of labour, to a single God, and to the virtue of sharing.

Guru Nanak was not only a spiritual guide, but also a master writer and divine poet. His sublime composition, Aarti, presents a grand vision of God's worship in which the whole creation participates.

During his stay in Kartarpur, Guru Nanak once visited Achal Batala on the occasion of Shivratri to enlighten the saddhus that no act of severe penance or miracle ever benefitted humanity in any way. A similar message the Guru also delivered to followers of Islam. He once journeyed to Pak-patan where he met Sheikh Ibrahim, the disciple of the enshrined Sufi saint Farid-ud-din Chishti.

Impressed by Guru Nanak's teachings, Bhai Lehna followed him to Kartarpur. The Guru recognized Lehna's spiritual devotion and bestowed upon him the Guruship, and gave him the name of Guru Angad.

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